Optimizing For The Big 3 Browse Engines

Top Denver SEO companies know that their profession is not a static one. There's no way to simply "set and forget" a site's SEO because the rules change so rapidly. It's obvious that website owners still want to rank for keywords and phrases when Internet users search. However, it might be better to focus on optimizing for intent and not just keywords.

Focus on Intention and Not Just Keywords

Using the right keywords and phrases in text and titles may still matter somewhat. However, search engines are learning how to judge an Internet user's intent much better these days. A page might be perfectly optimized for specific phrases. At the same time, users may view the page and back out immediately because they did not find what they were looking for.

If SEO promises a certain kind of content, it has to deliver on the promise. Otherwise, the best keyword optimization won't keep a page high in the rankings for very long. These days, search engine algorithms consider a user's reaction to the site and not just the text on the page.

Also, it's no longer necessary to keep repeating a keyword or phrase over and over again. For example, a website might hope to rank for "Best Vegan Restaurants in Denver." It might be fine to include that phrase in a heading and the website text. However, it's not helpful to keep repeating it. Search engine bots have gotten pretty good at interpreting content. Instead, the website content might focus on the friendly service, tasty and healthy menu, and the restaurant's location within the city. Valuable content that attracts and engages diners is much better to score a top rank than content that mindlessly focuses on specific keywords or phrases.

Finally, it's much easier to share interesting, funny, or educational content than it is to share content that has been constructed around key phrases. For example, social networking members may yawn at a title like "Best Vegan Restaurants in Denver." However, they might get excited about the "Secret Denver Restaurant Recipe for Tofu Lasagna Your Italian Grandma Would Love." In turn, those shares may deliver more Internet traffic, engagement, and of course, people who walk through your front door.

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